Every agency says they’re different.
But we’re different from them.

We’ve been called the largest small agency in the world. Or perhaps we’re the youngest old agency in the world. Hyperbolous is a perfect blend of seasoned industry veterans and young creative talents. Over the years, many of us have helped iconic brands in every conceivable category become that way. That means the odds are very good that we can help you.
We are creative even in matters of compensation, frequently participating as financial partners with our clients. In other words, we are invested in our clients and obsessed with results.

We are independent, both in thought and agency structure. Meaning we are held by no one (but hugged by everyone).

And we have earned unusual and heartwarming loyalty from our clients. The CEO of both WebMD and Healthgrades and the CMO of both Sleep Number and Lovesac are two examples of partnerships that endure.

That may say more about us and our work than anything.

What We Do


It’s in our DNA. Collectively we have a long history of creating award winning TV and radio campaigns. Sometimes we produce them ourselves, and sometimes we engage the services of brilliant directors and production companies. There always seems to be a happy ending.


It’s been said that everything happens by design. That’s why we’ve hedged our bets by assembling a staff of extraordinarily talented designers and animators. They’re the ones who make us look good by making everything they do look good.


A lot of advertising agencies create good campaigns—only to fumble at the goal line with a poor media plan.  We’re not huge fans of failure.  That’s why we have a media expert who takes our good campaigns all the way into the end zone.  (Then we do a funny little dance with our clients.)


Video is king, whether it’s 6 seconds or 6 minutes. We are equally comfortable producing a major national TV campaign or a Vine video with viral potential. Our in-house editing team only enhances our production efficiencies.


It’s the Age of Information 2.0. Consumers have a voracious appetite for all things digital, mobile and social. Adapting to the constantly changing world of new media is something that comes naturally to us. Kind of like patting your stomach and rubbing your head at the same time.


Nothing is sadder than brands with an identity crisis.  We take them in, clear away the confusion, and reveal the brand they’ve always wanted to be.  Then we send them out into the world to tell the story they’ve always wanted to tell.


We’ve tried telling consumers what they want.  It rarely works.  That’s why we’re huge believers in letting consumers tell us what they want, before we write a line of copy. Our research techniques are a trade secret. But they’re extremely effective.


Video may be king, but editing is the kingmaker. Nobody is going to sit through 20 hours of footage until it’s trimmed down to its most meaningful elements. Our editors know how to cut to the chase.

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